BRAGARD launches pro bono project: “Bolsa M” an Employment exchange platform/network for women/mothers seeking flexible jobs

Times are changing and bringing new demands to the labor market, especially regarding women as workforce. The reigning 8-hour scheme is no longer the most fit for working women, who have kids or have been away from the market for a while, more so after the technological revolution has allowed remote work as an actual alternative. However, a lot is yet to be done in order to adapt and educate stakeholders to this regard. In our country to this day, still very few sectors provide a range of alternatives for women seeking flexible jobs and companies are still reluctant to consider other working schemes due to worn out preconceptions. We strongly believe there is a lot to learn from new experiences around the world, which are both adding value to the company and to the worker.

In this context, our concern is raised paying special attention to the situation in which women find themselves at the time they become mothers, the difficulties to maintain balance between their new role and their duties as employees and what can seem like a challenging career crisis. Our aim is to shift the mindset of key players on the market, under the conviction that critical talent otherwise lost will be retained.

“BOLSA M” has emerged from our long-time commitment to create and maintain inside our firm the best possible working atmosphere, paying special attention to the maternity matters in order to provide our working mothers the possibility to combine their maternity with their career. In this sense, we have implemented different of examples of flexibility in the job among our female employees, such as: part time schedule, home office, working by assignment, working alternate days, etc.

It is a fact that, generally, the outburst of professional growth and motherhood tend to overlap in life, and in this sense, BOLSA M has two main goals: (i) to prove companies how a more flexible time schedule benefits them on the long term in several ways and; (ii) serve as intermediaries among companies and potential employees providing a platform, where they can get in touch. Moreover, BOLSA M seeks to help mothers’ reinsertion in the labor market.

We have learned first-hand these benefits for our women/mothers employees have made us grow as a stronger firm. We have achieved a solid and more experienced team by retaining our women talents, who are all now in their peak of their careers and are turning all that experience and loyalty to our clients and would like to help extend this experience to others.

In this context, it is important to understand, what kind of flexibility can we offer be offered by a Company?


Work half schedule (4 hours)


Work 6 or 7 hours running leaving the intermediate rest for the end of the day to leave before


Work certain hours from the office and the rest from the house


Work certain days from the office and others via remote


Work from home remotely and attend the office only in case of meetings


Work independently and spaced in time each assigned project


Comply 8 hours of work but with free time, entry and exit and possibility of compensating hours in different days.


Benefits of flexible work schedules for employers

Attracting talent. Offering flexible work arrangements can allow employers to recruit talented candidates who would otherwise could may have been out of their reach.

Reduced costs.  Some of this schemes do not require office space, and thus help reduce costs.

Increased productivity. Evidence shows that productivity is improved when working under friendly conditions they are comfortable with.

Increased creativity. Happy, motivated employees are likely to be grateful for flexible working hours, and may be more eager to engage with their organization and make a valuable contribution.

Ease of management. If employees are eager to work flexibly, they will aim to cause as little disruption as possible, minimizing the input needed from their manager.

Improved well-being. Employee well-being is a key concern for many managers across several companies, and rightly so. Taking steps to encourage employees to have passion and enthusiasm for their job can be critical to retain top talent. Offering flexible working to employees can boost morale and improve their physical and mental well-being. When staff members enjoy flexible work arrangements, they are likely to be less tired and better rested, reducing the risks of fatigue, burnout and stress. As a result, they will be able to give their all on a daily basis.

Staff retention. Many employees view being offered flexible working hours as a sign they are valued by the company. Those who have other responsibilities or out-of-work interests may see flexible work arrangements as an absolute must or a deal-breaker for any organization.

It is also very important to point out that when flexible working is used appropriately, with the necessary level of commitment by the employee, both parties can benefit of the best jobs they could have.

We wish BOLSA M can contribute to help companies and employees to combine their professional and personal life in the best possible way.

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