Call for interest for the construction and exploitation, under the concession regime, of maritime, port and/or land works of the Punta Sayago Logistic Port

In January of this year, the National Ports Administration (ANP) through Resolution No. 11/3961 called for expressions of interest in the construction and operation, under concession, of maritime, port and / or land works of the Logistic Port of Punta de Sayago.

Below is a summary, where the most relevant aspects of the call:

Purpose of the call: Construction and exploitation of maritime, port and/or land works at Punta Sayago Logistics Port located in the Department of Montevideo, which is connected with rail connection projection for efficient cargo handling. In addition, it is planned to implement a complete service offer including access control, surveillance, potable water supply, network, waste collection, maintenance and cleaning of the center, fire prevention network, among others.

Convenor: National Administration of Ports (ANP).

Deadlines and conditions for submission: Interested parties must file with the ANP a description of  their background and expression of interest in a sealed envelope, in person at the Processing Regulatory Unit of the ANP, city of Montevideo, with a copy in digital format at the time of 9: 00 to 16.30 hs.

The documents and communications must be made in Spanish, if they are originals in other languages ​​they must be accompanied by the corresponding translation.

Start date of receipt of proposals: March 1, 2019 9:00 a.m.

Deadline to submit background information and express interest: June 30, 2019 4.30 p.m.

Inquiries and Clarifications: In case of consultations or clarifications regarding the content of the rules governing the call, interested parties should address them in writing to the following email address: Said queries will be answered within 5 business days of receipt.

Persons qualified to appear at the call: National and foreign natural or legal persons. The consortiums must be incorporated at the time of presentation.

Restrictions: Those who have been declared bankrupt, judicial liquidation, bankruptcy proceedings or have been in a similar situation within the 5 calendar years prior to the date of the call shall not participate in the call. Neither shall those who in the past 5 years have breached public contracts with a state, or that have been convicted, in litigation with public entities, as a result of breaches of public contracts.

Information and special conditions: Those interested in participating must include the following information[1] when presenting their expression of interest:

a- Presentation of expression of interest.

b-Feasibility and opportunity study of the activity that you wish to develop.

c- Basic project.

Procedure: Interested parties who meet the requirements will have interviews with the ANP, in the city of Montevideo, to be fixed within 10 days after the deadline for submission. In case the proposal is rejected, participants will not be called for an interview by the Administration. Those participants who have complied with all the requirements to the satisfaction of the ANP and whose proposals are selected may obtain a benefit of up to 20% on their offer in the case they participate in the tender to be later carried out. Participating in this instance does not constitute a precedent condition to take part in the tender process that will be finally convened.

Expenses: All expenses incurred by the interested party as a result of their participation in this call will be their exclusive responsibility.

At BRAGARD we have the experience to advise you on this call for expression of interest. Should you have any questions or need more information, do not hesitate to contact us at the following emails:

[1] The documents must be prepared according to the conditions established in point 6 of the terms.