Senior Associate
Dra. Daniela Sztryk Zolkwer
Banking & Finance . Corporate . Mergers & Acquisitions

Work Experience

Her practice stands out in the area of corporate advisory, capital markets and company acquisition processes.

She has played a key role in important M&A projects in Uruguay involving companies from different industries.

Currently, she has focused her professional career on the Banking & Finance area, advising prestigious clients within stock market and over-the-counter. Her technical excellence and hard work has been outstanding, working together with securities intermediaries, investment advisors, portfolio managers and investment fund administrators, among others.

Academic Experience & Conference Presentations

Doctor of Law and Social Sciences, graduated from Universidad de Montevideo.

Postgraduate in Corporate Counselling at Universidad de Montevideo.

Candidate for the Chair of Commercial Law, Corporate Law at Universidad de Montevideo.

She participated in several international commercial arbitration competitions.


“Cómo proteger tus fondos ante el manejo de un corredor de bolsa” El Observador.

“Modernización de la Ley de Sociedades Comerciales”,

“Sociedad Anónima Simplificada”  En Obra Magazine.


Spanish, English