Senior Accountant
Cra. Cecilia Bernatzky

Professional Experience

Public Accountant graduated from the Universidad de la República.

Cecilia is part of the Accounting & Tax department of the firm, and has more than 10 years of experience in tax advising.

Her professional practice has been focused on general tax advisory and the analysis of tax burden in search of strategies which look forward to greater efficiencies for our clients. Her focus has been conducted to companies linked to the construction industry, the energy industry, professional services, shipping companies, insurance companies, among others. In addition, she has stand out for having a remarkable trajectory on assisting local companies in labour, social security and personal income tax matters.

Academic Experience

Specialization in Taxation - ORT University.

Professor in Labour Legislation and Social Security at Universidad de la República.

Instructor in numerous courses on current tax, labour and social security issues, to clients of the firm.


Spanish - English.